Discourse Generating Rights (Benefits)

Publishing a unit of discourse offers you the following value generating rights

1. Creditation as a Co-Publisher

Co-publishing the units transforms the book-commodity into an open access publication that everyone can read, listen and circulate. Our wager is that this creates value in a postcapitalist way in which the book-object transforms into alive network, i.e. a discourse, which becomes the more valuable the more it is used, shared, interpreted, remixed, varied, forked, iterated and used for self-organization. As a sign of your participation in this value creation process, you (your wallet address or your chosen name) will be listed as a Co-Publisher of the book at the book website and in the next PDF version of the book.

2. Access to the ECSA token multistake whitelist

Economic Space Agency (ECSA) is developing a postcapitalist economic grammar – a set of economic-organizational protocols – which will reshape the economic game. By approaching the economy as an information and value transfer network (economic media), the ECSA grammar is reshaping economic interactions to emphasise collaboration, shared risk-taking, and collective wealth redefinition and distribution. The ECSA token multistake will give everyone access to the protocols’ expressive powers and allow all participants to capture financially the value of being networked Your Unit grants you access to the ECSA token multistake whitelist. A certain number of ECSA tokens will be allocated to an option pool divided among all the Unit holders. The Unit thus functions as an option; i.e., an access right to a predetermined amount of ECSA tokens at a discounted price. Please follow our messaging at the ECSA Telegram, ECSA Twitter, and Postcapitalist Discourse Development Discord.

3. Participation in the discourse development and IRL meets

Your unit grants you access to the Discourse Development Discord, a community where unit holders will shape the discourse of the book by exchanging ideas, sharing insights and engaging in dialogue. As part of the activities, the ECSA team will curate public discussions with interesting guests as well as facilitate Q&A with the authors. The community of Unit Holders that forms will shape its own future, with the possibility of becoming a DAO that holds a portion of the sale’s funds, or even becoming a node in the emerging ECSA economic network

4. Network curation

As a holder of a unit of postcapitalist discourse your next task is to expand and enrich the discourse. Your unit makes you a curator of this project. It offers you an code-link which can be used to invite friends to join the project. The first five people to use your invite-code will have the opportunity to participate in co-publishing the remaining units and become core members of the discourse’s development (i.e. the invite-code can be used by max 5 different people to acquire one unit). Your invitees gain all the unit holder's rights after acquiring their unit. The aim is to turn the book-object into a network: a living, spoken discourse on postcapitalist expression. It is about creating a more expressive economic language - than we currently have - to express, measure and communicate value and organization. We hope you will choose friends who you believe will be interested in the postcapitalist discourse and whose participation will increase its value. How does the value of a discourse increase? It increases if it gets spoken, shared, adopted, repeated; imitated and copied; that multiple ways of using it are invented, that it is used creatively; that different interpretations—which are always different subjective investments—are made of it. This is what we are after. Postcapital is a different paradigm of value creation. In this paradigm value is created with opening, sharing and inventing multiple uses (VS. restricting use by proprietary ownership); with many interpretations, iterations, variations (VS. hiding the source code); and through collective self-organization and self-governance (VS. external organization and management). This is what we are organizing for.

5. Download the book PDF with a generative cover

The unit gives you the right to download the book PDF with a generative cover. The book PDF will allow you to understand your unit of discourse’s meaning and relevance as part of the whole book. It assists you in determining the value of the token you hold.

6. The Special Edition print book published by Minor Compositions (Colchester / New York / Port Watson, 2023)

If you will so select, your unit offers you also a Special Edition print copy of the book delivered to your door. Your delivery address will be asked after you've co-published the unit.

7. Ability to explore economic communication

You can next publish your NFT in one or more markets. This allows you to start communicating and messaging about the discourse economically. You can receive and make offers (economic messages). You can dialogue, negotiate, make points, organize. You can participate in setting a collective valuation. You can also fractionalize your Unit, gift it, turn it into an agent (with an account) and acquire more capabilities (e.g. tokens) in it. This allows you to spread the discourse, contributing to its valuation and the broader discourse on economic media.
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